Masterclass in Cardiovascular
Disease Prevention

A Clinician’s guide to assessment and treatment

Explore the latest strategies in cardiovascular disease prevention in this live 3-part webinar CME series. Dr. Tokgozoglu will review dyslipidemia in the development of atherosclerosis and the utilization of atherosclerosis imaging to guide treatment decisions. Prof. Kausik will discuss the most recent evidence-based guidelines regarding ASCVD risk stratification and assess current and emerging therapies for lipid modification.


Dyslipidemia and atherosclerotic vascular disease: From biology to imaging | Lale Tokozoglu
Quantifying cardiovascular risk and guideline implementation-focus on lipids | Prof. Kausik K Ray
Current and emerging therapies for lipid modification | Prof. Kausik K Ray

Lale Tokgozoglu MD FACC FESC
Past-President, European Atherosclerosis Society
Professor of Cardiology Hacettepe University

Prof. Kausik K Ray
Professor of Public Health
Honorary Consultant Cardiologist
Deputy Director and Head of Commercial Trials, Imperial Clinical Trials Unit
Chief Clinical Officer andHead of Trials – Discover Now
NIHR ARC National Leadof Cardiovascular Disease
President European Atheroscerosis Society